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Blue Transparent Star My piece of heaven

My piece of heaven

"Nothing is more relative than beauty. One rose is beauty. Ten roses are something expensive. A hundred roses are something boring."

Yeah, My name is Martyna. I am from Poland. My hobbies are manga&anime, drawing, lolita/victorian/vintage/mori/ natural-kei fashion.
I represent a lazy artist ;_;
And my english is sooooooooo terrible ....

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- MILK A/W 2014 collection -

Audrey Hepburn in a publicity shot for Funny Face (1957).

My Chemical Romance Danger Days Full Album)



milk tea 46 by tuyetdinhsinhvat


Pinocchio’s Dream reminds us to count our blessings and follow our hearts. Anything is possible if you truly believe.

Alice in Slumberland shows Alice singing a sweet lullaby to one she treasures and loves – her cat Dinah. Sometimes the most curious dream reminds us that life is truly beautiful.

Two of four new paintings I’m debuting at Disney WonderGround Gallery on Saturday, July 19th, 2014. 

Artist Signing and Print Release from 11am - 1 pm

To purchase paintings and prints:


Call- 877-560-6477 (select option 2 for prints)

Sweet dreaming,


WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District, CA

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Takato Yamamoto, Vampire
Another one of my scans sourced as we heart it…

New drawing :)
Steps, if you are interested:

I hoped you’d follow…
Newest drawing with my OC - Alice.I hope you’ll like it! ~(* 3 *)~
Lucy (Chibi) by AndrewDuck3

Backlit Sunflower, Winthrop, Massachusetts, 1965 - Paul Caponigro


We took these photos when having the night tea.

The light in the restrant is not good for photograpy, but we still had a good time.

Thanks a lot to the nice honer of the restrant. :D

This the first time I made coordination with Natsu, my friend.

I made a misunderstanding that I thought her dress is in coffee version when heard her dress name, but actually it’s black( ; A ;).  

Anyway, our first couple coordination is not bad. :P

Looking forward to our next cooperation~

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Sooyoung’s adorable chin rest :3